Who we are
We like our students. We like our jobs. We like our workmates. We don’t like struggling to pay the bills. We don’t like insecure employment. We don’t like being treated like we’re disposable.
No matter your job, if you work in a language school and you have problem – big or small – the IWW is here to help.
We offer legal advice and training but, most importantly, we are here to help language workers support one another.
Together we can change the UK’s language schools: decent contracts, better pay, an independent voice on the job.
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Keep up to date with our latest campaigns, and the campaigns of others in the industry.

Employment Rights

Check out our easy to digest summary of your employment rights.

TEFL Workers’ Charter

Let us know what you think should be included in our TEFL worker’s charter – our minimum requirements for working conditions.

Labour English 

Lesson plans on lived experiences and tools to challenge injustices.

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